Size chart:

To help for sizing, please see table below – The measurements structure of the size chart in the table is our company’s own personalized and are just for your reference. It could not be referred or compared to any other sizes such as UK, European, USA sizes etc.

Please make sure that you take your exact body measurements with measuring tape and do not leave extra inches loose (except not to take too tight measurements) as we will add the extra inches ourselves accordingly. Imagine you adding inches and than us adding further inches, this will create chaos. Visa Versa, if you take too tight measurement or reduce inches from your measurements, you will not be able to pull up the zips/ We add extra inches to your body measurements according to your body structure, height and to maintain the jacket shape in order to achieve an outstanding fitting, flexibility and being able to wear any under garments or other thin clothing underneath. If you require wearing bigger garments such as jumpers, jeans etc underneath, please let us know so that we keep further loosing appropriately. We also suggest you to take measurements on your skin, in your under garments or thin clothings to get accurate sizes.